Blogenning Theme Of the Week: Costumes

Part of the fun of the Blogenning is that once a week someone chooses a topic for you. Some weeks it’s incredibly easy and some weeks you have nothing to say about that subject and just have to roll with it. This week Tom has decided we’re talking about Halloween costumes. I’ll let you decide where this... Continue Reading →

Albums You Should Listen To This Week

There's some great new stuff that's come out lately. Here's a taste of some songs from those albums: "Solved" by MC Frontalot off of his album "Solved" "Brendan's Death Song" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers off the album "I'm With You" "Yellow Belly" by Thrice off of the album "Major/Minor" "Dimitri Mendeleev" by Astronautalis... Continue Reading →

Things I Learned Today

At work: The mail server we use as part of our server environment is, in fact, scriptable, but only exposes a COM interface. I now get to figure out how to hook in to it from C#, and pray that I can write managed code to talk to it in a sane way. Energy Option Swaps are... Continue Reading →

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