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I’ve been designing websites for myself, and for various things I’ve been involved in, since high school, and the one common thread they’ve all held is that I’ve never finished the content for them. Oh sure, I’ll get the visual design pretty well squared away (to varying degrees of success), and I’ll put up a framework for the overall content for the site, but when it comes to fleshing it out, I always seem to get distracted.

This is why I’m pleased to finally announce that all of the major content for my website has finally been completed.

It’s not been a short road. The website I have running now was put up in its original (and really ugly) form in 2004. I built it to house some projects for a class I was taking, and decided to try to flesh out my own website around that. A lack of motivation and a growing dislike of the design kept me from pulling it together for a while.

Eventually I decided that I really should have a personal website, but that I should endeavor to make it look profession. I spent the time and completely rebuilt the code from the ground up. Some of the content was carried over, but I also restructured the page. This attempt at the site was much like what you see now. The banner image and color scheme were different, but visually, it was the same format.

The only problem was that, under the hood, the code was horrendous. I started putting web pages together when using tables for formatting was still considered OK as far as design practices went. However, they yield terribly inelegant results, and it was time for me to take the plunge and master CSS.

The results of restructuring and validating my HTML and CSS are what you see now. For the first iteration of this code base I didn’t change anything in the way of the visual design, I just improved the back end. Over the years since I developed this I’ve been intermittently going through and making tweak and changes. I’ve added a lot of content overall, but there was still one giant hole in the site.

I’ve wanted to have a section devoted to my musical interests for a while. After all, when I was in high school that was pretty much my life. Even today, music plays a very large part in my life. However, I could never think of what to write down, or never had the motivation to really pull it together.

Over the past several months I’ve finally been inspired to try to pull together that section and finish the content for the site. I also decided that I was growing tired of the visual design of the site, so I decided to change out the banner image and background color to suit my tastes a bit better.

What you see now is a mostly finished product, at least for now. I’ll probably continue tweaking this design, and I’ll definitely be updating the content to keep it relevant going forward. However, I don’t see any major redesigns looming just yet.

So, if you haven’t done so recently, click over to the main page, and check it out.


– B

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