Love Songs

Is anyone else deathly tired of love songs? I don’t mean songs that inspire love, I mean those sickeningly sweet songs written about how much someone loves someone else, that are meant to pull at those particular heartstrings.

I love Eric Clapton, that should come as no surprise to most of you, but if I hear “Wonderful Tonight” one more time, I think I might vomit.

It’s not that I have a problem with the emotion that some of these songs are expressing. Some are actually genuine, despite sounding too much like their contrived counterparts that were made specifically to sell as love songs. I’m just sort of tired of the fairy tale, lovey dovey bullshit version of love I hear in them.

Hearing “Open Arms” by Journey again may result in me permanently removing my ability to hear.

However, the way my brain is wired, I do very closely associate intense feeling with music. How I’m feeling is directly and irrevocably tied to the music I choose to play or listen to. This should also not be news to anyone.

So if I hate love songs so much, what songs do I listen to when love is the most prevalent emotion in my mind?

This song, reportedly, was written about Jimi Hendrix’s guardian angel. The lyrics could be about an actual woman being kind. However, the lyrics don’t have anything to do with choosing this song. It’s the opening guitar part. There’s love in that guitar part.

This song says almost one of the most important things I want to say about love. Love is when you’re doing something awesome, and you think of the person you wish could share in that experience with you.

Who has even been in love and hasn’t asked themselves that question?

There are a few of examples of what I think are songs that speak the language of love better than most of the more often thought of love songs.

How about you? Do you agree? Do you disagree? What song makes you think about love?

– B

One thought on “Love Songs

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  1. I.
    BUTTS and I cannot lie.

    But in all seriousness… While My Guitar Gently Weeps is up there for me. Also – the song “Stop and Say You Love Me” by Evans Blue, which might not be the BEST song… but reminds me of Crista… so… fits the bill here :D.


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