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Things I Learned Today

At work: The mail server we use as part of our server environment is, in fact, scriptable, but only exposes a COM interface. I now get to figure out how to hook in to it from C#, and pray that I can write managed code to talk to it in a sane way. Energy Option Swaps are... Continue Reading →

Couch Guitar Straps

Part of the fun of having a blog is being able to pimp awesome things or companies that I find. This is not an endorsed advertisement. I will always tell you if I sell ad space to a company here. This is stuff I use and love enough to share. This week I want to share... Continue Reading →

Chasing Tone

If you talk to people who produce music, there's this whole culture obsessed with tone. As a guitarist, and as someone interested in the recording and production process, I seem to sit in the midst of two of the most heavily tone obsessed groups out there. These are the people who cling to, admittedly, archaic... Continue Reading →

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