Force Fed Lies

Alright, time to pimp a band that really deserves it. Force Fed Lies is a hardcore band based out of Charlestown, MA. My introduction to them was through their guitarist and my friend/co-worker Ken. I've been going to their shows for a while now, and even got a change to pop out to the studio... Continue Reading →

Out With The Old, In With The New: Electric Guitar Edition

One of my favorite sayings is "the only thing constant in life is change." In keeping with that I'm running a series of posts dedicated to the change we see happening around us. I'm going to try to highlight both the big things and the little things. Fortunately, I tend to have a lot of... Continue Reading →

The Encore Lounge

One of the ocassional treats I get towards the end of the week is getting to spend time with Belynda Cianci and Tom Quinn on an otherwise slow Thursday night. The motivation behind these outings is to head out to The Encore Lounge to see Belynda's coworker Steve sing, accompanied by his husband Rob on... Continue Reading →

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