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Blogenning Theme of the Week: Language

Part of the fun of the Blogenning is having another person choose a topic for one of your three mandatory weekly posts.¬† Some weeks it's incredibly easy, some weeks you have nothing to say about that subject and just have to roll with it. This week we're talking about language. I'll let you decide where... Continue Reading →


Experiment. Have fun. Bend the rules. Break the rules. See what something will do.¬†Life is too short not to mess around with things and see what happens. However, don't hurt anyone else by doing it, and try not to hurt yourself. Try to learn as much about what you're about to do as you can... Continue Reading →

Little Saint Nick

Not many people know that I am named after St. Nicholas. This is what my mother used to tell me come Christmas, anyway, but in the past several years I've not had much occasion to think about it. In this time of contemplation (which I covered in a previous post) it randomly popped in to... Continue Reading →

Force Fed Lies

Alright, time to pimp a band that really deserves it. Force Fed Lies is a hardcore band based out of Charlestown, MA. My introduction to them was through their guitarist and my friend/co-worker Ken. I've been going to their shows for a while now, and even got a change to pop out to the studio... Continue Reading →

On Free Will

So Dave posted his thoughts yesterday on the subject of free will. What follows is everything that I can dump out of my head on the subject, because my brain refuses to shut up until I respond to Dave's post. First, let's set down a definition: D1: For any event, E, and person, P, E... Continue Reading →

Conversations On Labels

Lot's of interesting, interrelated conversations to talk about, so let's begin. In a conversation with Ian of Aberro Specus the other night, we were talking a little bit about labeling yourself or others, especially when it comes to a belief system or philosophy. For example, deciding to call yourself a Christian, Buddhist, or Atheist. For... Continue Reading →

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