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State of the B – August 2010

I figured, since I've been gone so long, that I should probably post an update on a bunch of things. Far From There will be going on a 3 year hiatus while Jeff goes off to grad school. We may play shows when he's back in town from time to time, though. Jeff is going... Continue Reading →

No Plot Can Be A Problem

I realize haven't written anything about writing here in a little while. I suppose part of that is that I've become creatively unmotivated in that particular area. Between writing for this blog and the ocassional Boston Zed Heads post, I find myself drifting to things other than writing in my down time, and I've been... Continue Reading →

The Blog-enning: Version 2.0

So, as many of you mighty recall, this blog has been part of an agreement among Ian Muller, Jaco Vermeulen, and I. The basic concept was that whenever one of us updated, the others would do so within 24 hours of that update. We thought that this, much like digital watches, was a pretty neat... Continue Reading →

Project Updates

Well, it certainly has been a while since I've had a chance to post, but Jaco's been threatening with an update, and I finally have something I want to talk about, so I thought I'd take a moment. The first project I wanted to point your attention to is a new fictional blog I've set... Continue Reading →

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