Experiment. Have fun. Bend the rules. Break the rules. See what something will do.┬áLife is too short not to mess around with things and see what happens. However, don't hurt anyone else by doing it, and try not to hurt yourself. Try to learn as much about what you're about to do as you can... Continue Reading →


Blogenning Theme of the Week: Birthdays and Growing Up

This week's blogenning theme is a little more open ended that the last, in an effort to acommodate people who aren't about to have, or haven't just had, a birthday. It seems a good portion of the Blogenning members have Birthdays in these next few months, myself included. I turn 25 this year. I have... Continue Reading →

Love Songs

Is anyone else deathly tired of love songs? I don't mean songs that inspire love, I mean those sickeningly sweet songs written about how much someone loves someone else, that are meant to pull at those particular heartstrings. I love Eric Clapton, that should come as no surprise to most of you, but if I... Continue Reading →

Chasing Tone

If you talk to people who produce music, there's this whole culture obsessed with tone. As a guitarist, and as someone interested in the recording and production process, I seem to sit in the midst of two of the most heavily tone obsessed groups out there. These are the people who cling to, admittedly, archaic... Continue Reading →

The Blogenning v3.0

So I have been stirred from my traditional languor by a bunch of assholes my friends in the Blogenning to attempt version 3.0 of this agreement. For those of you reading this blog for the first time, I suppose a little history is in order. The Blogenning was originally an agreement made by my friend... Continue Reading →

On Photographs and Stories

This weekend I was faced with a question that I've been up against many times before. You see, my friend Travis wanted a group of us to get together and go have a nice picnic somewhere and enjoy the nice weather. As with most things involving Travis, this meant that having cameras around were a... Continue Reading →

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