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Putting Your Best Foot Forward and Happy Accidents

Have I mentioned how important it is to put your best foot forward in everything you do? Maybe I have and maybe I haven't, but in either case let me say it now. It is really important to put your best foot forward in everything you do. Historically I've not always been good at this.... Continue Reading →

A Boston Proposal and Force Fed Lies

My weekends, though often useful and interesting to me, rarely seem to yield something to talk about up here. I'm delighted, with that in mind, that a couple of really fun things happened this weekend that I can talk about. I'm further delighted to say I was there with camera in hand so I can... Continue Reading →

Force Fed Lies

Alright, time to pimp a band that really deserves it. Force Fed Lies is a hardcore band based out of Charlestown, MA. My introduction to them was through their guitarist and my friend/co-worker Ken. I've been going to their shows for a while now, and even got a change to pop out to the studio... Continue Reading →

Delaware Trip 2009

So I was afforded the opportunity to escape the Greater Boston Area for the first time in many, many months by my good friend Ian's father's addiction to roller coasters. Now granted I was also afforded this opportunity by being employed and being able to take vacation days, but in the end the impetus for... Continue Reading →

Photo Walk to the Tall Ships

One of my new favorite weekend activities is the "photo walk". These were created by my good friend Travis, who started inviting me over the last few months. We get a group of people together and go explore the Greater Boston Area looking for cool places to wander around and photograph. Usually these are very... Continue Reading →

The Encore Lounge

One of the ocassional treats I get towards the end of the week is getting to spend time with Belynda Cianci and Tom Quinn on an otherwise slow Thursday night. The motivation behind these outings is to head out to The Encore Lounge to see Belynda's coworker Steve sing, accompanied by his husband Rob on... Continue Reading →

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