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Blogenning Theme of the Week: Birthdays and Growing Up

This week’s blogenning theme is a little more open ended that the last, in an effort to acommodate people who aren’t about to have, or haven’t just had, a birthday. It seems a good portion of the Blogenning members have Birthdays in these next few months, myself included.

I turn 25 this year. I have been breathing the air of this world for a quarter of a century. For some reason, this is sort of a mind trip for me. It’s not a huge birthday as things go. I guess I can rent cars without paying a premium soon. It’s not like 18 (voting, porn, and tobacco products) or 21 (whiskey! beer! … and other alcohol too I guess). There’s no new level of rights and privileges to unlock this year. It’s just something about being able to think about being alive for a “quarter century” that does it.

Minor mental hangups aside, I’m still enjoying growing older. It’s sort of comforting to look back a few years and see the immature jackass I used to be, and know that I’m still the same jackass I’ve gotten a little wiser with age. I’m better at the things I enjoy doing. I’m more self-sufficient and self-aware. I may also be more tired and more set in my ways. I certainly don’t bounce back from being sick or being injured as quickly as I used to. These are minor things though, and all and all, I’m enjoying it.

All I want from this year is to be more comfortable with myself and my tastes. To not worry if people don’t agree with me. To just be who I think I should be, and try to have the grace to know when I’m wrong and need to listen.

That’s all I’ve ever wanted, I think. So far, so good.

As to the big day… well, I don’t usually bother much with it. Maybe this year I’ll host a movie night around the time. I’ll probably go out with a few friends for a few drinks that night. That seems to be working out for people.

So, thanks for a great 25 years, and here’s to many more for all of us!

– B


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